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About Us

Dharshans Group is market leader in terms of electricals services, was inducted in the year 2010. Dharshans Group itself came into existence in the year 1992, where they established themselves as an electricals goods and construction goods dealer.

  • Founded in 1992 as a Dharshan electricals
  • In 2013 started Dharshan Constractions
  • In 2017 started included vijay electricals (goods)

In 2018 Started Dharshan's Groups of software technology , We are developing mobile (ios/android) and web application , Hosting space also available and domain also we will purchase, we are supporting existing product and project

Current clientele mix
  • 59 % IT development companies
  • 21 % Outplacement companies
  • 20 % Consultancy companies

How to start working with Dharshans Group of software technology

Starting up a cooperation with Dharshans Group is extremely easy and straightforward. It is process driven and consists out of simple steps. We have started over 100 partnerships this way in the past 10 years:

  • 01 What is your investment?

    This one is easy test projects have a fixed price of 3.000 Euro/ month/ developer, all costs included. And you decide how many developers you require.

  • A full time programmer, in our offices, performing an average of 170 hrs. / month. All required efforts of an analyst, a project manager, graphics design staff, a tester, a system engineer, and a technical writer to ensure that the programmer only needs to code. All other tasks are performed by specialists. All these tasks are also included in the montly fee of the programmer, as long as they are not used full time. Even when that e.g. would mean a combined usage of these resources of an additional 100 man hours. Overhead, insurances, licenses, communications expenses.

  • Well, if you are located in Western Europe, your will gain from 50% (compared with a developer on the payroll) up to 80% (compared to a local software consultant). Needless to mention the lesser effort in people management. The choice is up to you.

  • Your Project Manager has complete involvement in the management of the Dharshans Group team, Participation in building and selection of team. You define the way of working, your standards and procedures are followed.(if you have them, If not, you can freely use ours) Your Project Manager has full access to all individual team members. Your Project Manager and the Dharshans Group Project Manager jointly decide and agree on planning, milestones and deadlines.


Our Quality Assurance

In projects for end users, quality is usually defined by 6 main quality characteristics, namely:

Functionality, Reliability, Usability, Efficiency, Maintainability, Portability.

Visual Studio : ASP .NET(MVC Framework/Core) Linq / Xamarin100%
SQL/Mysql 100%
Node/Angulgar 60%


Remote Development

Remote Development is the all-in Offshore Development Centre service of Dharshans Group. For a monthly cost per developer, our clients get the services of the Analyst...


Dharshans Group is one of our wonder departments. We design and deliver state of the art User Interfaces, complete with navigation; complete corporate...

Business Analysis

Analysis is key to any successful project. Dharshans Group provides Business Analysis and Technical Analysis services, so that your project development life ...

Internet Presence Management

Internet presence management (IPM) is a process in which many web - or internet based channels are used to promote a company. This greatly increases...

Software modernization

The skill to adapt and upgrade existing applications to their current maximum technological - and economical potential....

Onsite staffing

Onsite staffing is a new service in the company. More and more of our client requested long term onsite presence of our analysts, project managers.....

Call To Action

This set of variables judges the state of a project, seen from a much more technical point of view. Each project at Dharshans Group is measured weekly like this, and results are communicated right through to top management.



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